From idea to finished product.

Serving as subcontractors to the manufacturing industry is the base of our business. We are well known for our competence in work on sheet steel and tubing, and demanding welding work on stainless steel, aluminium and carbon steels. AnVa KSG AB products are commonly found in gas turbines, radar systems and combustion systems.

AnVa KSG also offers complete automation systems for the engineering industry, where we offer complete solutions comprising design, manufacture, assembly and installation.

Subcontract work

AnVa KSG is a component manufacturer and system supplier to the engineering and offshore industries. We work on sheet steel forming, welding and machining at our workshops in Surte. We can also offer heat treatment, surface treatment, machining of larger workpieces and NDT.

Flexibility, quality and delivery reliability are very important to us.
AnVa KSG holds certificates for quality management systems ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 3834-2.

Workshop equipment

Weinbrenner 400 tonne bending machine
Width 4 m, max thickness 20 mm.
At 3m, the max. thickness is 25 mm.

Bajkal shears
Width 3,07 m.
Max. thickness of steel 16 mm,
and stainless steel 10 mm.

Davi rolling machine
With pre-bending- 4 rollers.
Width 2,5 m. Max thickness 20 mm.

Correa L-30/84 milling machine
X8500-Y2900-Z1200- 60vtg

Contact us

AnVa KSG Box 4085 SE-46104 Trollhättan Address: Åkerssjövägen 24 Tel: +46-(0)520-211820
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AnVa KSG updates its security policy

The purpose of the update is to ensure that AnVa KSG handles personal data in accordance with the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
The policy covers all treatments where personal data are handled and encompasses both structured and unstructured data. Read more >