Manufacturing of Complex Sheet Structures and Pipe Systems

AnVa KSG’s operations consist of advanced manufacturing for customers with high demands on quality and delivery reliability in the engineering industry.
We are well-known for our expertise in sheet metal, pipe and demanding welding work in stainless steel, aluminum and steel materials. The products that AnVa KSG manufactures are often found in gas turbines, radar systems and combustion systems.

Quality, Welding and Environment

AnVa KSG has been quality certified since 1996. Our quality system has been continuously improved and developed and is today revised and approved according to ISO 9001: 2015.

AnVa KSG is welding certified according to ISO 3834: 2 and today has a very well functioning system that is the basis for the company’s competence and knowledge in welding.

AnVa KSG is environmental graduate in accordance with Göteborg’s City Environmental Certification Program, thereby meeting the ISO 14001 environmental standard. The company is actively working to be certified according to this standard at the beginning of 2018.